Corporate Care
for Workplace Efficiency​

Covering technical and environmental aspects in your workplace, we safely manage your premises to reduce outages over a longer period of time, for you to benefit from smoother operations

What we offer

Preventive Maintenance

⚡ Electrical Systems

  • Cleaning panelboards
  • Inspecting wiring for safety
  • Tightening control panel screws
  • Replacing worn out light fixtures

⛓Mechanical Systems

  • Cleaning out sink traps
  • Inspecting supply lines.
  • Cleaning the boiler furnace
  • Inspecting faucets for leaks
  • Cleaning and replacing AC filters

🏠Civil Systems

  • Adjusting doors, cabinets, and windows

Corrective Maintenance

⚡Electrical Systems

  • Offering lighting solutions
  • Applying panel board repairs
  • Maintaining and repairing home electrical systems

⛓Mechanical Systems

  • Plumbing & sanitary
  • Troubleshooting and repairing air conditioning systems

🏠Civil Systems

  • Providing painting touch-ups
  • Providing wall decoration services
  • Handling furniture installation and repairs
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